Ongoing Digital Support Proposal

  • Website Management & Development
  • CRM Development & Finance Integrations
  • Advertising Modules

This proposal is aimed at streamlining Oz Publishing's digital operations including developing comprehensive organization for the company's data management, CRM, advertising modules, and billing integrations. In addition to the digital operations, our team intends to bolster marketing efforts with the primary objective of increasing listings in sourcebooks and magazine readership.
* Reference Concept

The approach to building the digital operations, usership, and readership for Oz Publishing would be structured into strategic phases, with the overarching objectives remaining constant:
Streamline processes and workflows across the organization, reducing manual effort and increasing overall efficiency.
Create a centralized and reliable data repository, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information for better decision-making.
Develop a customized CRM system to enhance customer interactions, improve retention, and drive revenue growth
Integrate financial systems with CRM to automate financial processes, resulting in real-time financial insights and improved financial management.
Provide comprehensive documentation and training materials to empower staff with the knowledge and tools required to excel in their roles.
Equip the sales team with powerful sales tools and automation capabilities to boost lead generation, nurturing, and overall sales performance
Core Functionality

The following outline showcases the core focuses of the ongoing development for Oz Publishing.

Data Centralization and CRM

Centralize all relevant data from various sources into a unified repository. Ensure seamless integration of data from different departments and systems, allowing for consistent and reliable information access across the organization. Improve customer interactions, sales processes, and customer retention through effective CRM tools and functionalities. Integrate financial systems with other organizational processes.

Magazine Website Management

Enhance and manage the functionality of the magazine website. Improve site navigation, user experience, and content delivery. Implement regular maintenance and updates to ensure website reliability and performance. Identify and implement strategies to increase ad revenue through targeted advertising and sponsored content.

Local Listing Website Management

Enhance and manage the functionality of the local listing websites (e.g. GASourceBook and Charlotte SourceBook). Open ability to launch other localized sites as needed. Identify and implement strategies to increase listing revenue through premium listings, featured placements, and advertising opportunities for local businesses.
Creative Direction

Services Managed

Creative & Technical Direction
UX/UI Design
Website Management
Project Management
Data Consolidation
CRM Organization
Data Cleanup
Sales Tools

Service deliverables may include, but are not limited to:

Website & Project Management

  • Monthly project plans with milestones and timelines
  • Regular progress reports and status updates
  • Ongoing interface and design improvements
  • Ongoing SEO support and development
  • Regular website maintenance to ensure uptime and performance
  • Integration with authorizer and UI for each data type

CRM Development & Management

  • Customized CRM system tailored to Oz Publishing's needs
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • Integration with existing software and data migration
  • Integration of financial systems with CRM
  • Automation of financial processes
  • Financial reporting capabilities
  • Organized documentation of project requirements
  • Training materials for staff
  • Consolidated and unified data
  • Data mapping and transformation documentation
  • Data quality assurance and error handling procedures
  • SOPs development for digital tasks
  • Identification and removal of duplicate or obsolete data
  • Data validation and verification processes
  • Data cleansing reports and recommendations

Sales Tools

  • Development and deployment of custom sales tools
  • Management of advertising modules
  • Sales automation features for lead generation and nurturing
  • Training and support for sales teams on tool usage

Ongoing Digital Support
Deliverables Outlined Above
Performance Hosting
x3 Sites
Yearly Renewal
Proposed as an Ongoing Contract with 30-Day Cancellation Anytime
Thank you.