White Label Website Redesign Proposal


This project is being managed as a white-label service in collaboration with 1SEO. Together, Idea Tavern and 1SEO will deliver a unified, client-focused approach that ensures a high-quality end product.

This web production proposal is designed to establish DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy) as a leading brand within the heating and cooling service industry in Pennsylvania. The initial project focus is creating a powerful consumer brand, widespread online presence, and digital platform with intentional user experience including visuals and content that highlight the value of DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy)'s services.
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The approach to establishing the redesigned website for DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy) would be structured into strategic phases, with the overarching objectives remaining constant:
Design and develop optimal website interfaces for DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy) and its core services
Utilize practices to support ongoing search engine optimization and marketing efforts to expand the DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy) brand
Establish processes for efficient management of digital assets for online marketing and social content
Create positive customer and audience experiences through communications outreach, increasing engagement
Create ongoing engagement with customers via intentional email and social communications and visuals
Gauge, track, and add value for DiBiase Heating & Cooling (Copy) with continual reporting and optimization
Creative Direction

Services Managed

Creative & Technical Direction
Website UX/UI Design & Development
Website Messaging & Copywriting

Service deliverables may include, but are not limited to:
Website Design & Development
  • Design & Development for 1x Website Containing 20-32 Pages (Depending on Content Consolidation) with Content Noted Below:

  • Primary Home Sales Page with Services Showcase
  • Core Pages to Include Home, About, Services, Careers, Resources, Blog, FAQ, Financing, Contact
  • Additional Supporting Pages to Include Shop, Maintenance, Specials, Service Areas, Water Heaters, Automation & Security, Energy Services, Diagnostics, and Additional Service Details
  • Blog Post and Archive Pages Setup
  • Integrated Sales & Support Systems
  • Managed Hosting, Site Performance, & Security
  • Analytics & Data Management
  • Managed Content Revisions through Duration of Contract
  • Initial Analytics & Integration for Marketing Testing
  • Preparation & Consultation for Launch
  • Graphic Assets Management & Organization from Page Designs
  • Initial Base Search Engine Optimization
  • Budget

    Website Design & Development:
    1-2 Month Timeline
    Deliverables Outlined Above


    Maintenance, Management, Hosting:



    Upfront Investment: Web Design & Development
    Ongoing Investments: Maintenance & Hosting
    Proposed as a 1-2 Month Contract
    Thank you.