Deck Solutions

Idea Tavern is building a proprietary solution for pitch and presentation decks. Our upcoming solutions are designed to elevate your presentations to new heights, providing an immersive experience that showcases your brand and opportunities like never before.

Immersive Experiences

Our solution offers an immersive experience that goes beyond static slides. With visually stunning designs and seamless transitions, your presentations will leave a lasting impact, captivating your audience from start to finish.

Advanced Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your deck's performance with our tracking feature. Know who has viewed your deck, when they viewed it, and analyze their engagement metrics. This data allows you to make informed decisions and tailor your follow-up strategies accordingly.

Mobile Viewing

Say goodbye to the hassle of zooming in and out of PDFs. Our deck solution is optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring that your presentations look stunning and maintain their integrity across various devices.

Integration of Video / Audio

Elevate your presentations by seamlessly integrating live video and audio assets. Bring your content to life and engage your audience on a whole new level with multimedia elements that capture attention and enhance comprehension.

Interactive + Animated

Break free from static slides and embrace interactivity. Our deck solution enables you to create interactive elements and animations that add depth and dynamism to your presentations. Captivate your audience with engaging interactions and keep them engaged throughout.

Navigable + Organizable

With our deck solution, you can easily navigate through different sections and organize your content for maximum impact. Seamlessly transition between key points, allowing for a smooth flow and effortless exploration of your presentation.

Living Content

Presentations often evolve over time. Our deck solution allows you to make changes and updates even after sending your deck, ensuring that you can keep your content up to date and adapt to changing circumstances.